How To Fix a Dusty Home?

Dust in homes is a common problem most homeowners face. No matter how much you clean your home, you'll still find dust accumulating around your house. Not only can dust be annoying and feel dirty, but excess dust also often leads to allergies and asthma from poor indoor air quality. Dust accumulation primarily results from contaminated airflow or lack of proper airflow around the home. The microparticles that make your home dusty include carpet fibers, dust mites, hair particles, upholstery, pet dander, and dead skin cells.

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There are many reasons why your home is dusty, here are some of them:

Dirty Carpets or Rugs

Your dirty carpets could be the reason behind the increased dust around your house. Carpets around doors and other high-traffic areas tend to have accumulated dirt and dust. Carpet fibers attract and keep dust that spreads to other parts of the house. Have your area rugs and carpets cleaned to cut down on dust accumulation

Faulty HVAC System

When your HVAC unit is in good condition, it'll help keep dust away from your home. HVAC units tend to develop some problems over time, making them ineffective and inefficient, mainly when the issues aren't addressed on time. For instance, if your HVAC system becomes too dirty, it's difficult for the air ducts to release air as required. This not only makes dust increase in your home but also raises your monthly energy bills.

Buildup of Dust on Curtains and Furniture

It's easier for the dust to settle and accumulate on upholstered and fabric furniture, curtains, and blinds. This mainly happens when you don't clean them regularly. Regular vacuum cleaning is recommended to prevent dust buildup.

Dirty Air Filters

According to experts, homeowners need to change their HVAC system filters every 3months. If you fail to change them, you'll start noticing dust accumulation around your home, and increase the risk of an HVAC system issue.

Leaky Windows and Doors

The main challenge associated with gaps in both windows and dooh4rs is energy loss. The gaps also create entrance space for dust and pollen into your premises. If these gaps aren't sealed, you'll likely have increased energy costs and dust-related problems.

Holes in Ducts

You'll find air ducts running through your home's attics, ceilings, walls, and crawl spaces. Whenever these ducts have holes, you'll experience a lot of dust around your home. The problem can be remedied by sealing the holes in the ducts.

How To Fix a Dusty Home

If you want to fix the dust problem around your home, you should probably deal with its source. Below are some top tips on how to fix your dusty home:

1. Change HVAC Filters Regularly

Homeowners should change the filters in their HVAC systems quarterly. However, frequently changing filters is the best solution for reducing dust accumulation around your home. You can purchase and use the less expensive filters that run for only a month. You can set a reminder on your calendar or mobile phone to avoid forgetting that you need to change the filters. When changing the filters, it's also advisable to clean the furnace area to remove any traces of dust around.

2. Have Sturdy Mats in All Entrances

Having sturdy mats in your door entrances is essential to ensure everyone wipes their feet when coming from outside. This practice helps reduce dust accumulation in the interior house parts and other items like carpets. These mats should be cleaned regularly using a vacuum cleaner and rinsed properly to eliminate dust. Weatherstripping around doors is also recommended to reduce dust that gets through gaps. This practice is most helpful in dry and rural areas.

3. Vacuum Effectively

It's essential to vacuum your entire home regularly to reduce dust problems. The number of times you need to vacuum your premises will depend on the number of people around. However, the general rule of thumb is that every wall needs to be cleaned at least once every month. You can hire an expert to do it for you if you've got a busy schedule. The process should be done slowly to ensure that the machine absorbs all dirt and dust in your home. You should ensure all floors and furniture are clean and that no dust traces are left behind. You can check this using your finger.

4. Air Duct Cleaning

If your home has kids and pets, there are high chances you'll have a dust problem, especially around vents. Experts recommend regularly cleaning these vents and air ducts to eliminate the accumulated dust. We recommend an air duct cleaning every 3-5 years to ensure the air flowing through your ductwork is clean and not just pushing more dust around your house.

5. Keep Windows Closed

Opening your windows helps bring fresh air into your home. Although this is essential, sometimes it leads to the entry of dust particles, mold spores, pollen, and airborne pollutants. You can minimize this challenge by keeping your windows closed, especially when it's dusty outside.

6. Wear House-only Shoes

Most people today have realized the importance of having house-only shoes to reduce dust accumulation on their premises. 80% of the dust in homes is mainly contributed by dusty shoes. Therefore, if you make it a culture of leaving shoes outside your house for everyone, including visitors, you'll reduce the dust problem significantly.

7. Install an Air Purifier

The primary role of an air purifier is to filter air by trapping allergens and other unwanted dust particles. When your home is dusty, there's a high risk of developing respiratory problems. Installing an air purifier will help eliminate dust particles and pollutants from your premises. You can choose the best air purifier depending on your budget.

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