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Aspen Air Duct Cleaning provides expert air duct cleaning services to help diagnose and eliminate indoor air quality problems in commercial buildings in Boston, MA, and surrounding Massachusetts and New Hampshire area. Located in Methuen, Massachusetts, Aspen has served hundreds of businesses in Boston, Lawrence, and the surrounding cities since 2008.

7 Signs Your Ducts Need to be Cleaned


Unusual noises and odors are emitted from your ducts


Mold is present inside your HVAC system


Dust quickly gathers throughout your business


There are recent complaints about allergies or respiratory problems in your building


Your heating or cooling costs are higher than usual


It has been over 5 years since your last air duct cleaning


Your building has undergone construction

Commercial Duct Cleaning Benefits

  • Improves air quality for employees and customers
    Studies show that inside air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outside air, and after construction or renovation, it can be up to 1000 times dirtier than outside air. By cleaning the ductwork in your commercial facility your employees and customers will be able to breathe freely.
  • Creates a cleaner, dust-free workplace
    Over time clogged air ducts can create an increase of dust in your space. By cleaning them, it will eliminate the common accumulation of dust.
  • Increases employee activity
    By cleaning your ductwork, allergy symptoms will be reduced in your work environment due to the removal of pollen and other allergens. This will increase employees’ health and decrease employees’ sick leave.
  • Extends the life of your HVAC system
    Clean efficient HVAC systems are less likely to break down, have a longer life span, and generally operate more effectively than dirty systems.

The quality of your inside air has a considerable effect on the productivity, wellness, and satisfaction of your occupants. Call Aspen Air Duct Cleaning Services at (978) 681-5024 to improve the quality of your facility’s air today!

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How often should commercial ductwork be cleaned?

Research has shown that HVAC cleaning may allow systems to run more efficiently by removing debris from sensitive mechanical components. Performing this process every five to seven years will ensure the maximum health and efficiency of your HVAC system.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services in Boston MA

Source Removal Duct Cleaning Process

Remove supply registers and returns grills

Clean by hand with HEPA filtered vacuum

Insert high-pressure air sweeps and air whips

Go vent by vent and push dust and debris back to HEPA filtered vacuum

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning For








Commercial duct work will need an on-site inspection to determine how long the project will take to complete.

We recommend an air duct cleaning every 3-5 years for regular cleaning. If you have completed renovation projects and have dust and debris in your vents, a professional air duct cleaning can help clean your air ducts. Also, if you suspect you have mold in your duct work, we recommend an air duct cleaning and anti-microbial application.

Every commercial HVAC is uniquely different so we need to complete an on-site inspection to provide an estimate. Please request an appointment HERE for an on-site inspection.

At Aspen Air Duct Cleaning we understand the concern of business owners, property managers, and their clients. We are experts in both diagnosing and eliminating indoor air quality through air duct cleaning, Aeroseal, anti-microbial application, and mold remediation. Whatever the indoor air quality concern may be for your commercial space, we are prepared to help solve the problem.

Aspen Air Duct Cleaning Services is not just a vent and duct cleaning service. We are an industry leader in mold remediation and aeroseal too. After a thorough cleaning, an EPA-approved anti-microbial application can also be applied to the HVAC system to ensure clean ductwork.

For commercial duct cleaning services in Methuen, Boston, and the surrounding Massachusetts area, request an appointment today or call Aspen Air Duct Cleaning at (978) 681-5024!

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